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Japanese vehicles exporter - Autorec Enterprise Ltd.
Autorec Enterprise Ltd. (* AUTOREC) is a One-Stop-Shop. Direct vehicle imports from Japan.

Autorec Enterprise Ltd. established in 1977, is one of the oldest and most reputable automobile export company in Japan. For over 44 years now, we have been supplying our clients in Africa, South Asia, U.K. and Oceania with quality second-hand Japanese vehicles at competitively low prices. We have access to auctions throughout the Chubu Industrial Region of Japan, and we view approximately 15,000 vehicles per week. At present, our stock consists of about 1,000 vehicles.

We, Autorec Enterprise Ltd. have been exporting high quality used and reconditioned vehicles, to all over the world wherever right hand steering is accepted. As the oldest and most experienced automobile suppliers in Japan we have established a good reputation with our customers for supplying consistently high quality vehicles (500-550 units per month).

If you require a fully reconditioned vehicle we will fit new tyres, new battery, as well as replace defective parts (African market only). Engines and upholstery are cleaned and generally the condition is improved. Sedan/Saloon are normally well maintained by previous owners. The type of reconditioning work depends on your choice and we can carry out any work to suit your requirements.

We would like to invite you to browse through our online stockyard, latest stock list and member's page and hope that this initial correspondence on our part will encourage you to pursue a potentially rewarding business alliance with our company. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience if you require additional information, by E-mail Phone or Fax.

Thank you for your time and visit to our website. We look forward to receiving your favorable reply, and to the opportunity of doing business with you in the near future.

Yours Faithfully

Company Profile
Company name: Autorec Enterprise Ltd.
CEO & President: Takashi Mizuno
Year Established 1977
Our Business : Import and export of used cars. Sale of the used car

Member of Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association. Member ID: 000564
Aichi prefecture Public Safety Commission: No.542669700800
Autorec President Takashi Mizuno
We are located in suburb of Nagoya, perfect access to Nagoya port, one of the major ports in Japan besides Yokohama and Kobe. Of course, if it is necessary, we can ship from Yokohama and Kobe as well.

Our Office

Autorec Head Office
Address: 2-1 Nishi-shijimi Yatomi Aichi 490-1427 Japan
Document and shipping department
Phone : +81 567-56-6111
Fax : +81 567-56-6511

Address: 149-9 1chome Sanbyakujima Yatomi Aichi 490-1407 Japan
Phone: +81-567-56-3170
Fax: +81-567-56-3171
Open: 9:00 - 17:30 hours

Address : 27 1chome Sakogi Yatomi Aichi 498-0006 Japan

Address: 2 Chome-2-24 Kurumamachi, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi 740-0026
Cell: +81 80-3646-2905
Open: 10:00 - 19:00 hours

Very large yard to always keep 1,500 or more units.
In the yard, we guard the vehicles and manage them. This is because we always try to maintain our vehicles in good condition and state. » Our Quality Control

There are enough facilities to adjust your car to the best condition.


Vehicles for Africa are being reconditioned, and if necessary JAAI'ed for Tanzania and JEVIC'ed for Kenya!
We secure the quality of the Japanese used cars that Autorec offers.

Full-Reconditioned cars for You!
You can receive first-class maintenance by the hand of the specialist..

Company name : Autorec Enterprise Ltd.
149-9 1chome Sanbyakujima Yatomi Aichi 4901407 Japan

Sales department
Phone : +81 567-56-3170
Fax : +81 567-56-3171
E-mail :

Document and shipping department
Phone : +81 567-56-6111
Fax : +81 567-56-6511

Iwakuni Branch
Address: 2 Chome-2-24 Kurumamachi, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi 740-0026
Cell: +81 80-3646-2905

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