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Daihatsu (11) Lexus (5)
Yanmar (1) Mercedes benz (9)
BMW (7) Volks Wagen (3)
Land Rover (1) Jaguar (1)
Audi (1) Peugeot (1)
Ford (1) Chrysler (1)
Fiat (1)
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Inland transportation Fee for Gaborone

News:It is now cheaper and easier to get your car delivered inland! Up to US$300 off Inland Delivery Fees!
CityBody TypeFee
GaboroneSedan, Coupe, Compact carUS$1,350 → US$1,050
SUV, Mini vanUS$1,450 → US$1,150
Commercial van (M3 : 13 under)US$1,350 → US$1,050
Commercial van (M3 : 13 over)US$1,450 → US$1,150
Truck, Bus (M3 : 25 under)US$2,000

* Of course, if you would like to receive the car at Dar es Salaam port by yourself, you can receive the car at Dar es Salaam.

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Hi Miki,
The vehicle have arrived end last week and is the process of being cleared. Will keep in touch with you as have seen when it was just off loaded. There is I few friends working with that also will buy from Autorec and all is waiting to see the vehicle. I planned to bring in a 20…

Purchased car » PAJERO

Dear Autorec,
I would like to inform you that I have finally received the vehicle, Nissan-X trail on 19/10/2010, in Gaborone, Botswana. Thank you every body who made my dream reality. I hope to contact you in near future. Thank you again. Best regards Cardoso Gaborone, BOTSWANA

Purchased car » NISSANXTRAIL

The Range Rover arrived in Gaborone in good order. Thank you very much and I have told several diplomatic friends about your excellent service and website. ?? ??Regards ???Mr John K ?Gaborone Botswana?

Purchased car » 

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