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Impression of the person who bought a Japanese car in us

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Dear Sir,
Hollo, I hope you and your assistant( MsYuka),all your family are in good health. Yesterday I received my great car,high quality,execellent vehicle service.The car is great ,run very smooth. Thank you Yuich Mizuno, your assistant Ms Yuka Yokoe and all your great team.Thank you very,very much for your execellent job. Please, find the attachment photo. I'm looking forward to contacking you soon. Your Sincerely, WALTER TEOLANAFO

Purchased car » Sprinter
Dear Sir
Hellow and Top day to you. Hope you are fine as usual. Yes I am really happy to receive the vehicle yesterday. See attach. Great thanks for your work arrangement and do to this purchase with you. Hope to do more of this with you in future. Kind Regards Yours Sincerely Donald Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Corolla
Dear Mr Yuichi, Autorec Enterprise LTD Japan.
On behalf of my family I want to express sincere thanks to you and the Autorec Enterprise LTD Japan Company for the wonderful TOYOTA COMMUTER HIACE BUS I bought from you. The bus arrived safely in Honiara in a fantastic condition. I can testify to would be buyers that indeed Autorec Enterprise LTD Japan is not only credible but one of the best in Japan. To that note Mr Ben, I am also interested in a TOYOTA COROLLA WAGON G Touring car from your stock. I want to use it in Santa Isabel. Ben Ngelea Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Hiace
Dear Mr Yuichi,
Hello and a very good day to you and your marvelous staff. Thank you very much for the vehicle you have sent which I received last week. It was great and awesome and my family is very pleased with the quality of the vehicle. Thanks to you and your professional staff. We have received the vehicle in good condition. Looking forward to working with you on our next order. Cheers, Philip. Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Hiace
Dear Mr Yuichi,
My sincere greetings to you today. I hope that you and your family are fine and in good health in Japan today. I am sending this note to confirm to you that the vehicle I ordered from you and your company, has arrived safely and is with me now. My special "thank you" to you, for assisting me to get my vehicle. I would like to register my word of thanks to Mr Shiro and also Ms Yuka for their support and kind help during the process of my order and communication through email. The 1 ton Pick-Up truck that I ordered is really in very good condition. I and my f

Purchased car » Hiace
Dear Mr. Yuichi
Hello and a very good day to you. Hope everything is well with you. My apology for not replying your email as soon as possible. Well, the vehicle is with me now. I have cleared it from the ports last Friday and have checked everything out and am very satisfied. Thank you very much. Definitely I would be interested in ordering a vehicle of the same make and model in 3 months time. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Have a nice day. Yours sincerely Haymond. Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Corolla
Hello Yuichi,
I write to confirm that I have already receive the original documents for the four vehicles, the vehicle are already been cleared from the customs and release from the Ports. All the vehicle had been receive safely without any damage. Thank you very much for all your effort spend in the arrangement for purchasing and the shipment of the vehicles, I am so happy and really satisfy with the quality of the vehicles. I am looking forward in making business with you again in the near future. Once again thank you and regards, Edward Waletofe Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Hiace
Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for the vehicles I have managed to clear them from Customs today. So Glad to finally receive my 2 water tank truck in a very excellent condition. Autorec is always the best and will always be the best for very outstanding vehicle Supplies. Will always be with you Autorec in Business. Special thanks to you Mr. Yuichi Mizuno for fast delivery and professional response. Best Regards Badley Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Canter
Good Morning Mr Yuichi,
Thank you very much for your kind assistance. I have received the vehicle in a very condition. It was very clean, looks amazing and very comfortable. Please convey my sincere thanks and appreciation to your team of staff. It has been great doing business with you. Hope to place another order in the near future. Keep up the good work. Kind Regards, Phil. Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Hiace
Dear Yuichi,
We have received our Order [15 Seater Toyota Haice] safely. We really appreciate doing business with you and we look forward for other purchase from you in the future. See attached a photo of the bus that we receive from you. Kind regards. Rex Mewa Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Hiace
Dear Yuichi,
Thanks very much for the vehicle which I bought from you. The vehicle was cleared the day before yesterday and is now at home. I also received the original documents from DHL. I’m really happy with the quality used car you provided and looking forward to get one more in future from you. Thanks and keep in touch. Regards Stanley Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Duet
Dear Yuichi,
How are you? This is to inform you that my brother discharged the vehicle this week from our port authority in Honiara. I wish to take this moment to convey my deepest acknowledgment and gratitude of your professionalism and of the high quality services and product you and your good company offered to me. I fully satisfy and really happy with my vehicle. Soon I will call you again for similar vehicle as well as for other interests. Keep your international recognition alive and cherish. All the best. Mckinnie Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Corolla
Dear Yuichi,
This is just to let you that the unit has arrived and in good condition. Many thanks and looking foward to continue in doing bussiness with you Regards Dr. John Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Corolla
ThankYou for your kind help.I have already recieve and cleared it. Once again thankyou for you working together. sincerely Moses

Purchased car » Corolla
Dear Yuchi
Happy New Year to you and your team. We finally drive out our vehicle today, all clearance has been successful. We will use it for transportation once we compete the registration and licience. Thank you once again for sending the vehicle safely. We will keep in touch on further development in the near future. Thank you Kind Regards Aaron Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Hiace
Dear Sir,
Good day to you. I hope you and your family are fine and in good health. The purchesed Toyota Caldina has arrived in Honiara and is now on the road. Please allow me to extend my appreciation on the prompt and friendly service that you and your company has displayed in conducting your business with me. Thank you very much and I hope to continue to do business with you as and when I require a vehicle next. I wish you good day and warm regards, Ian Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Caldina
Dear Mr yuichi;
How are you this afternoon?? Hope you’re fine and well. Thank you very much for the unit that you sent. Its bright as new…. Its very clean and beautiful…..Thanks for emailing me the invoice and the bill of landing I found it very quick to proceed on the clearance. thank a lot Mr. yuichi for the time and your effort.. Best autorec….you’re great Regards cheers Chris Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Hiace
I have no regrets choosing vehicles from AUTOREC. It is easy reliable ,of high quality and Staffs helpfull and friendly. My 2 daughters enjoy the car I order from Autorec. I will always appreciate and comment the High Quality Service. MOSES Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Corolla
Hi Yuichi,
Attached is the picture of the vehicle (Honda CR-V ) was parked under my house. The picture was taken straight after the delivery of the vehicle from the wharf. Few comments I would like to add in appreciating AUTOREC performance: 1. I was surprise to see that the car I purchase was just as brand new. Engine, Interior, exterior was well done. 2. The price you offer was good 3. The time taken for the deliver of the vehicle was fast, as my family was surprise to hear that car was already at the wharf. AUTOREC is the best! Thanks you. Lawrence Honiara, So

Purchased car » Cr-v
Dear mr , Yuichi .
I would like to let you know that the above mentiond vehicle safely arrived at solomon islands ,honiara . I managed to collect it on the 16th august 2011 . Regards Gale

Purchased car » Caldina

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