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The certificate is a voice of the satisfaction of the customers.

Since 1977, we have been supplying our high quality Japanese used cars to all our customers around the world. Over 10,000 of customers are satisfied and recommend our Japanese cars in their countries. That is our MOTTO and this is why we have been a reliable used car supplier for over 44 years !!

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Voice of the buyer - Car model  

Impression of the person who bought a Japanese car in us

Dear Maiko, I have received the car in good condition, my family and friends admired it. This was the gathering of the above with the picture of my wife. Thanks Atnas Obore South Sudan

Purchased car » Rav4
Dear Maiko, Hi,how are you doing I have receives the car

Purchased car » Ad
Happy with my car, Suzuki Escudo Grand i purchased recently from Auto-rec. I love the comfort and design of the car. I will continue buying cars from Auto-rec since it is the best car dealer.

Purchased car » Escudo
Dear All I would like to take this opportunity thank all of you for the great job which all of u guys has done to before it was am not sure of the car whether it will reached me or not ,but since i received this vehicle. i knew that Autorec is the best Company In the world cuz all my friends was like moking me that i lost my money but with my confinden and faith i have make it successful man i will remain Autorec customer Regard Johnson Chuol Juba SS

Purchased car » Bmw
I have received the vehicle in a good condition , thank you very much and hope for further request. Thank you very much. Moses.

Purchased car » Landcruiserrpado
Hi Autorec sales team
I want thank all of you for your good service, I have received my vehicle in June 2012 I was not able to write to you because I went home for leave. My vehicle reached me in good condition it is now standing at my door thank you again Regards Judith Juba, South Sudan

Purchased car » Hiluxsurf
Hi Taki
I would like to give you and all AUTOREC company team members and those who involved to make my brother’s car Toyota reached Nimule South Sudan yesterday. My brother William received the car at Nimule and he was very excited expressing that the car looked very new and clean. I hope to continue to deal with your company in the future and i have to say thank you for your good services. Emilio Baiki

Purchased car » Estima
Dear Taki and Miki,
Thanks so much for your support to purchase this car through Autorec Company. People always trusted after seeing as part of the human senses. Now I am happy that I received my car in very good condition after long Journey from Japan to South Sudan (Republic). I have now achieved on of the dreams as fruit of the freedom after independence. Many thanks to all Autorec Team who work tirelessly to meet the expectations of the customers throughout the globe. Timothy Tut Wau, Republic of South Sudan

Purchased car » Rav4
Dear Miki,
Thank you very much for your co-operation. The land cruiser Prado arrived at its final destination last night.I hope we will be in touch in the near future for another order. Thanks to all members of the Autorec company. Alou Lual Juba, South Sudan

Purchased car » Landcruiserprado
Dear Mike & Taki
Thanks you guys so much for all that you have done to have my car reach me. I have received my Mitsubishi Pajero IO in Juba yesterday 12 JAN 2012. Once again thank you, Amia South Sudan

Purchased car » Pajeroio

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