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Impression of the person who bought a Japanese car in us

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Dear Sir,
It was the first time for me to buy a car online. Indeed I had hard time thinking on the outcome. However, I communicated friendly with my AUTOREC seller (Yuichi). Yet, I received my Toyota Duet safely. Yuichi thank u very much. Fatma from Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Purchased car » Duet
Dear Yuichi,
Thanks very much, you and the all autorec team, Nissan Primera 20G is in my hand now, it is real beautiful, I appreciate you guys, it is in good condition, I am so happy, ASANTENI SANA KWA KAZI NZURI. keep in touch Mr. Yuichi. see the enclosed attachments. Reuben

Purchased car » Primera
Dear Yuichi, Salaam (greetings)
This is just to let you know that I have received my Toyot Duet Safely with its accessories. Thank you so much!!!. AUTOREC, the entrusted company I will send the testimony soon. Fatma Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Purchased car » Duet
Dear Mizuno and your entire Autorec Company staff
I would like to convey my sincere gratitude and appreciation once again for the bussness we acomplished recently.On 17th/08/2012 I received the vehicle (RefNo:19604A4N4 SUZUKI ESCUDO) I ordered from your Company in good running condition. It took me some few days to compleate the registration formalities. I am enjoying the product of your trustness, commitment and long experienced marketing with Tanzania. So far I have driven it for about 1500 kms. the vehicle is really good, it is like a new one and even my self and my friends do not

Purchased car » Escudo
Dear Shiro,
Thank you for the vehicle it was received in a fantastic condition with brand new tires every one was real amazed and the family is so happy for such car sold by Autorec. In fact Autorec is a trustworth and fantastic company to transact with especially if one is seriously looking for a fantastic vehicle like the one sold to me. Bravo AUTOREC. See the attached photo. ELISHA

Purchased car » Landcruiser
Hi, Mr Yuichi and Ms Junko,
Hope your all fine, I am very glad to inform you that on 9th July 2012 I received my car which was in a very good condition. I write this e mail a bit late since I was busy writing office annual reports, sorry for that. Thank you so much Mr Yuichi and Ms Junko. I really appreciate your kind cooperation that enables me to buy such a quality car from Autorec Japan. All the best to both of you and Autorec Company. ASANTE SANA Winifrida Iringa Tanzania

Purchased car » Rav4
Daer Mizuno,
I am fine, I hope you do the same! I am happy to inform you that I received the HILUX yesterday safely in a good condition and today LAZARO has taken it. He was very happy! Once again thank you very much. Hoping to receive the ESCUDO GOOD as well. I wish you LUCKY! Best regards Damas

Purchased car » Hilux
Hi Junko
I received my 1996 black Toyota Crown Majesta today and it looks fantastic. I just finished the inspection and I had to change all 4 tires, front brake pads and engine air filter. Everybody here in Edmonton, Canada loved this car and all the options in it. The mechanic loved the way you sprayed the under coating on all the chasis underneath! Very good job as this place has a lot of snow that cause rust. Thank you very much and I am looking forward to do more business with you, Autorec. Greetings to T.Mizuno and all the staff. Sincerely Tumaini Canada

Purchased car » Crown
Hi Autorec sales team
I want thank all of you for your good service, I have received my vehicle in June 2012 I was not able to write to you because I went home for leave. My vehicle reached me in good condition it is now standing at my door thank you again Regards Judith Juba, South Sudan

Purchased car » Hiluxsurf
Hi Yuichi
Thank you very much for the whole support in the process of negotiating, payment and the ferrying of the car to DSM, the car arrived safely and I have already cleared it, by now it is at home. In an unexpected manner, the car is almost brand-new, thank you Yuichi and the company at large. Keep on fulfilling wishes of your customers and they will in turn, fulfill your wishes. Asante sana, Mungu awabariki nyote. Pangani Dar-es-Salaam; Tanzania.

Purchased car » Escudo
Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for the vehicles I have managed to clear them from Customs today. So Glad to finally receive my 2 water tank truck in a very excellent condition. Autorec is always the best and will always be the best for very outstanding vehicle Supplies. Will always be with you Autorec in Business. Special thanks to you Mr. Yuichi Mizuno for fast delivery and professional response. Best Regards Badley Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Canter
Good Morning Mr Yuichi,
Thank you very much for your kind assistance. I have received the vehicle in a very condition. It was very clean, looks amazing and very comfortable. Please convey my sincere thanks and appreciation to your team of staff. It has been great doing business with you. Hope to place another order in the near future. Keep up the good work. Kind Regards, Phil. Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Hiace
Dera Shiro
I trust that you are well. I am happy to inform you that I have received my order of the Lincoln Navigator 2006 in good conditio. I believe your company has a policy of continuous customer support. Please also note that my car is the first of its kind in the entire Ethiopia - a country with over 80 million people. It is also a very rare import from Autorec. With www.autorect.co.jp well marked on the rare windscreen of my car, you can be sure that Autorec will most likely get new orders from Ethiopia. If your response to this email is in the affirmative, I will be more than w

Purchased car » Lincolnnavigator
Dear Mr.Yukimasa,
Hallo! I hope you are well.It is long since we last communicated.I am extremely delighted to inform you that my vehicle arrived safely on 4th this month;it awesome!! My family and I wish to take this opportunity to thank most sincerely for keeping your word on quality;the body is very neat,engine perfect and ground clearance amazing. Kind regards, G.Otieno

Purchased car » Liteace
Hellos Got the vehicle, its lovely. Thank you so much. My husband liked it so much. We registered it yesterday. Regards, Pascaline

Purchased car » Grandhiace
Dear Yuichi,
How are you doing? I am fine and very happy to send you my picture with the car confirming to you that I have got it since 18 June 2012. I have also sent the second photo with my friends PhD Students from Nigeria who appreciate well the assistance of AUTOREC to custom. Best regards, Dowiya Dra es Salaam Tanzania

Purchased car » Tercel
Dear Yuichi,
We have received our Order [15 Seater Toyota Haice] safely. We really appreciate doing business with you and we look forward for other purchase from you in the future. See attached a photo of the bus that we receive from you. Kind regards. Rex Mewa Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Hiace
Dear Shiro,
Thanks the car arrived safely with no damage and in good condition on 26/05/2012,please find some photo of my TOYOTA IST.standing beside the car its me.sorry for my silence.dear Shiro Regards BOSCO

Purchased car » Ist
Good morning Mr Yuichi Mizuno,
How are you? Hope all is well. I am writing to inform you that I have received the vehicle and it is in very good condition. My brother-in law is very pleased with his purchase. I will be placing an order soon for a next unit. Keep up the good work. Thank You. Yours truly, Keith Georgetown Guyana

Purchased car » Spacio
Good morning Mr Yuichi Mizuno,
How are you? Hope all is well. I am writing to inform you that I have received the vehicle and it is in very good condition. My brother-in law is very pleased with his purchase. I will be placing an order soon for a next unit. Thank You. Yours truly, Keith Georgetown Guyana

Purchased car » Spacio
Hi Mizuno,
I am also happy to tell you that the car you sent us we have received it intact,it is great that you choose a new car,my client Mr.Novatus is so happy and he has been telling friends that he has a new car only 30000kms,it is true the car is awesome,i have nothing to tell you than please kept it up,i will continue buying from Autorec always. regards Olav Moshi Tanzania

Purchased car » Carina
Dear Yuichi and Junko
How are you? Its my hope that you and your family are good. Me and my family we are fine and we are very happy for the car which we have purchased from your company. I really appreciate your services because I have received the car in good condition and in time. The vessel arrived at dar es salaam port on 23rd May and my clearing agent was able to clear everything and on 26th May, i started to use my car. Thank you again for your good cooperation and all the best in your business Regards Christopher Kibaha Pwani Tanzania

Purchased car » Corsa
Dear Yuichi,
Thanks very much for the vehicle which I bought from you. The vehicle was cleared the day before yesterday and is now at home. I also received the original documents from DHL. I’m really happy with the quality used car you provided and looking forward to get one more in future from you. Thanks and keep in touch. Regards Stanley Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Duet
Dear Mr. Shiro,
It is just yesterday of 30/may/2012 when my dream gote into reality, I like the way you run your company, you are faithful, and we will continue trusting you, I gote the car, it is real good. I have attached the picture as a testimony as you asked me to do, and of cause I am waiting for the promise you said if one sends you the testimony.

Purchased car » Ist
Dear All,
See the attachments for your actions,am very thanksful for your kindness you have shown to me since you derivered a good car.i will make sure i direct others to purchase your cars Rgds Augusto Mbinga Tanzania

Purchased car » Lancer
Dear Sir,
I am forwarding to you the photo of the Vehicle I bought from your Company. The vehicle is in very good condition. On board is my young Daughter enjoying. Regards Joseph Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Purchased car » Canter
Hallow YUICHI,
Thanks very much i received my RAV 4 safely on friday 25/5 in a good condition once again thanks and keep it up Say hi to AUTOREC STAFF Victor Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Purchased car » Rav4
Mik and Taki
Hope you are doing well. Its my pressure to thank you people for the well done job contributed to mypurchase of toyota corolla which i bought from your compony.I would like to imform you that my car is finally home in a good condition and am really enjoying seeing and driving it. Best regards, Agnes Nkotakota, Malawi

Purchased car » Corolla
Dear Mr. Mizuno.
This is to confirm that I have received the Vehicle Mitsubishi Canter in Good Order. Thank you very much for your kindness. Regards Joseph Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Purchased car » Canter
Dear Yuichi
This is to let you know that I have received my CAR [ NISSAN CIFERO ] on May 14 2012 .as schedule . Your service was remarkable above my expectation and I will have no regrets in RECOMMENDING you to any one You are the best and with your kind of honesty and professionism you will be a great sucess . Thanks once more for your kindness and hard work towards my purchase and I am looking forward to continue in busisness with you . Ramchand Georgetown Guyana

Purchased car » Cefiro
Dear Mr. Yuichi,
How are you and your family? I have received the Suzuki Swift I purchased from Autorec and it is with me now.I have a few words of “Appreciation” that I would like to express it to you & your Company. It gives me an immense pleasure to write thanks and appreciation to your contribution & support during & after the purchase of Suzuki Swift from Autorec. It has been a great journey from the day I purchased the vehicle to the final day I received. I am very proud to say your Company and your services are excellent. You have been very much supportive & prom

Purchased car » Swift
Hello sir
I wish to inform you that i received My car TOYOTA DYNA-19587TCN3- in perfect condition and exactly on 26th April. I am very surprised for your good job, God bless your Company, thank you thank you thank you...very much. Haracio M Tete-Mozambique

Purchased car » Dyna
Dear Sir,
Hi good morning sir, i just want to inform you that the vehicle has arrive it nice and excelent condition i like it and thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........... Thank you, S.Ramnarine Guyana

Purchased car » Murano
Hi Taki
how are you doing?I hereby want to acknowledge receiption of the vehicle I bought from Autorec.The unit arrived in Zimbabwe in an immaculate condition.I just had the faith that you follow exactly what is laid down in your Quality Control corner and that came true the day that I saw the vehicle, even though I had been told that the unit was beautiful before I saw it myself.Autorec is Number One.That is true.I was also thrilled by the service I received from Logan Freight.They have scope for customer service just like AUTOREC.I expect another deal with you soon.Keep the good work a

Purchased car » Landcruiserprado
Dear Shiro
Thanks, received the Mitsubishi Pajero in excellent shape, and here is a photo of my friend standing next to it. I will definitely recommend you to others!! Best Regards Pascal

Purchased car » Pajero
Dear Sir,
Again from AUTOREC I have received my ESCUDO! Very comfortable for my family! Alphonce Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Purchased car » Escudo
Dear Shiro,
We are pleased to inform you that we cleared out the Toyota Succeed Ref 19787T7N3 that you sold to Joseph Oicha Ochieng and we are delivering it to Nairobi today. We really appreciate your business co-operation. Please note that we changed two of our telephone numbers and please update on your website as they appear at the bottom of this email. Best regards, Maurice

Purchased car » Succeed
Dear Shiro,
Dear Shiro, Hope you are doing well and you are okay and fine. Kindly be informed that I received the vehicle in good order on last Friday, 27th April, 2012 and am now driving and enjoying a lot. Thanks so much for a good vehicle and will make a photograph soon and send it to you thereafter. Further to above, am thinking of buying another vehicle, a Toyota RAV4, 1800CC Petrol Engine in may be two or three months to come and will be happy to do business with you again. With kind regards, Ayoub.

Purchased car » Spacio
Dear Shiro,
Am sorry for not writing immediately but am good. I received the vehicle in good shape. Look forward to more business very soon. Bye DERICK

Purchased car » Lancer
Dear Sir,
Thanks yuichi, I had receive the vehicle safely at Dar es Salaam port and drove to Dodoma (Central Tanzania) It shows that autorec can be trusted. Attached, find the picture of my car Thanks Riziki Dodoma Tanzania

Purchased car » X-trail
Dear Shiro,
Just to inform you that i received the vehicle in good condition.On behave of my family we thank you for the clean car you have supplied .The car looks as good as new. I enclose photos of the family in front of the vehicle and see how happy they are!! Regards, Peter

Purchased car » Escudo
Dear Tomohiko Ito
How are yo, This is to thanking you,the car arrived safely on 18/04/2012 its so nice,looking forward for next order sir, will make sure am convincing my colleague who wish to buy car to buy from you sir.

Purchased car » Carry
Dear Takijiro
Firstly, my apologies for taking longer to come back to you. I’m confirming that my vehicle had arrived as scheduled and delivered timely. I’m very thank in having to do a business with AUTOREC. You gentlemen did well, I’m very happy with the vehicle. Best Regards Barumo/ MAPUTO

Purchased car » Hiace
Taki,Maiko & everyone
Taki,Maiko & everyone, The Rose yellow bus is finally in my brother,s hands.Iam so greatful for all your help & support during this entire transaction Iam looking forward to doing same more business with Autorec Once again thank you very much My kind regards to everyone at Autorec M Chilis Lusaka, Zambia

Purchased car » Rosa
Dear Yuichi/Junko,
I am glad to inform that the car has arrived safely. It is about three weeks since I picked the car at Tanzania-Kenya Border. I could not be able to contact you immediately. The Car is in good condition. Once again, thank you very much for fulfilling your promise. I will keep in touch with you. I will back back after sometime for another purchase. I will also continue to be your good ambassador. Best reggards, Haule Morogoro Tanzania

Purchased car » Sprinter
Hi Taki
I would like to give you and all AUTOREC company team members and those who involved to make my brother’s car Toyota reached Nimule South Sudan yesterday. My brother William received the car at Nimule and he was very excited expressing that the car looked very new and clean. I hope to continue to deal with your company in the future and i have to say thank you for your good services. Emilio Baiki

Purchased car » Estima
Dear Sir,
Hi goodmorning sir, i just want to inform you that the vehicle has arrive it nice and excelent condition i like it and thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........... Thank you, Ramnarine

Purchased car » Murano
Dear Mizuno,
How are you today.would like to thank you for the Vehicle you sold to Mr.Leiya,Toyota Cami ref:19631ABN3,Chassis no:J100-008758,we have received the vehicle yesterday in immaculate condition,and would also like to thank you because you have fixed the missing Radio free of charge as you promised.Thank you very much. regards Olav Moshi,Tanzania

Purchased car » Cami
Dear Dear Mr. Shiro,
We are glad to inform you that we have taken delivery of RAV4 2002, AERO SPORT Chassis No. ACA21-0183134. Thanking you, Mr. Kyaw

Purchased car » Rav4
Hi Yuichi Mizuno!
I just want to say thank you..My vehicle Mitsubishi Mini Cab Vx Pick up truck has arrived at Dar es salaam on 06/04/2012 safely. Now i trust u, a vehicle U42T-0457173 is very nice. I expect to buy my next vehicle from you again. I think we should buy vehicles from Autorec Peter Morogoro Tanzania

Purchased car » Minicab
How are you my friend! Thanks I have received the above mentioned car. Its good as always the AUTOREC products are! Alphonce Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Purchased car » Escudo
Hello Shiro
We appreciate your business!!! thanks so much for your honesty and best customer skills.!!The car arrived in its best condition ever. Betty

Purchased car » Lancer
Dear Etsuko Iwakami and the whole AUTOREC staff,
I would like to sincerely thank your company for supplying me with a very nice vehicle in a very good condition. For me it is money well spent because it worth it. Keep it, you are second to none. Yours faithfully, MOSES PHIRI

Purchased car » Regius
Hi Mr. Yuichi Mizuno!
Receive many greetings from Tanzania. I am sorry I have not written to you for a while because of busy nature of my work. I want to acknowledge and thank AUTOREC company, especially you for your kindness and good customer services extended to me throughout the transaction of this car . I received my TOYOTA COROLLA FIELDER X LIMITED on 13/3/ 2012 in a very good condition. I also want to thank you for the T-shirt and the cap from Autorec which I received along with the documents. Once again I thank you and AUTOREC team for the good work you are doing. Keep up the good

Purchased car » Corolla
Hello Taki
Greetings from Kampala, Uganda! We received our corona exiv safe and sound and we are just deeply in love with it. Thank you all at Autorec! Now we want to buy a Toyota BB and we have been around your stock list a couple of times, flipping over the available options. We trust that you would have the best quality and price for us. Thank you again. Jude Ssempebwa Kampala, Uganda

Purchased car » Corona
Dear Yuichi,
How are you. Hopefully you are doing well. I would like to inform you that I received the car on 13/03/2012 and it was intact. On my behalf and on behalf of my family I would like to express sincire appreciation to you and the entire team of Autorec for your cooperation, advice and excellent customer care extended to me during the process of purchasing this car. My familly are very happy to own such a car and they like it. I am looking forward to having further business relationship with your company. Many Regards: Nicholas Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Purchased car » Rav4
Hi Taki
I hope and trust you are doing fine. Thank you so very much for your efficiency and effectiveness. I received the motor vehicle, Toyota Corolla in good condition and I wish to continue buying vehicles from your company and also wish to encourage my friends also to purchase from your good company. Once more again thank you so much. Wishing you the very best. With regards, Michael Mbewe. Lusaka, Zambia

Purchased car » Corolla
Hi Maiko,
I would like to confirm receipt of the Toyota Sprinter Dx which I bought from Autorec. It is a very nice car and the engine is high performance. I drove the car myself from Dar-ES-Salaam, Tanzania to Chingola, Zambia with a distance of over 2,000 KM without any problem. Autorec is the best Japanese Car Dealer and will now start saving money to buy a van/light truck from you guys. Best wishes in your business as we continue to testify our satisfaction with the quality of your vehicles. Regards, Willie Nsonga Chingola, Zambia

Purchased car » Sprinter
Dear Taki and Miki,
Thanks so much for your support to purchase this car through Autorec Company. People always trusted after seeing as part of the human senses. Now I am happy that I received my car in very good condition after long Journey from Japan to South Sudan (Republic). I have now achieved on of the dreams as fruit of the freedom after independence. Many thanks to all Autorec Team who work tirelessly to meet the expectations of the customers throughout the globe. Timothy Tut Wau, Republic of South Sudan

Purchased car » Rav4
Dear Autorec
I am now in possession of my car, it arrived safely and in good condition. Special thanks to Taki, Maiko, Brandon and Innocent whom I directly dealt with from the time of purchase up to collection. Can you also extend my appreciation to your work mates who worked behind the scenes. I look forward to do more business with you in future, as this is not the first for Autorec and Young Dynamite. All the best, with warm regards. Alfred Gumbwa Harare, Zimbabwe

Purchased car » Elgrand
Dear Sir,
thanks i received my vehicle toyota landcruser VX its a perfect vehicle and im real enjoying it,autorec keep it up with same spirit of considering quality first thanks once again Jeswald

Purchased car » Landcruiser
Dear Yuichi,
Good day to you, sam here; just to let you know that i have received my vehicle in a good order and in a well condition. i have recommended your Co. to some of my friends and co-workers and fortunetly one of them has just ordered from you (her name Ulumbi-suzuki escudo). Looking forward to do more business with you. Samwel Morogoro Tanzania

Purchased car » Rav4
Dear Sir,
Again thank you very much for you kindness coorperation. I receive the vehicle in good condition. Am really appreciate your efficiency, experience and careness. Omary Tanga Tanzania

Purchased car » Fargo
Dear Sir,
I wish to thank you and your team in the way you handled the transaction involving my dream car,Toyota Allex. I received it on 26th Oct.2011 in good condition, the car was in perfect condition. My family is very very happy. Even my friends are admiring it,it"s very fabulous! Please keep it up selling value for money vehicles. Ahsante sana Dr Dunstan A Kiwelu Moshi, Tanzania.

Purchased car » Corolla
Good morning Takijiro
Thank you very much for the vehicle. I finally received the vehicle although I discovered that they changed the radio and speakers. Once more thank you for the nice vehicle. Shortly I will make other arrangements for another vehicle. Agness Mutambo Zambia

Purchased car » Lucino
Dear Yuichi,
How are you? This is to inform you that my brother discharged the vehicle this week from our port authority in Honiara. I wish to take this moment to convey my deepest acknowledgment and gratitude of your professionalism and of the high quality services and product you and your good company offered to me. I fully satisfy and really happy with my vehicle. Soon I will call you again for similar vehicle as well as for other interests. Keep your international recognition alive and cherish. All the best. Mckinnie Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Corolla
Dear Yuichi,
This is just to let you that the unit has arrived and in good condition. Many thanks and looking foward to continue in doing bussiness with you Regards Dr. John Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Corolla
Dear Shiro,
How are you today? Please attached herewith is my Photo with the car you sent to me. I am happy once more to let you know again that I received the vehicle in a very good condition and clean, I personally drove it all the way from Mombasa 500 kms without any problems keep up the good work. The vehicle is for my domestic use but I am looking forward to order another car as I told you before the end of this month. Thankyou Lawrence Maragua Kenya.

Purchased car » Townace
Hi Junko and Takashi
My Rav 4 arrived safely after some short delay on the wharf. Thankyou for your kind service. Photos attached Cheers Rick

Purchased car » Rav4
Thank you Taki,
You are a true customer centric person, definitely Zambians will buys cars from you. By the way the Bus I got, the Nissan Elgrand, is suck a love Machine, quite and a good family bus.I plan to get another one soon. My regards and lets be in touch. Alexious Mulemba Zambian in Qatar

Purchased car » Elgrand
ThankYou for your kind help.I have already recieve and cleared it. Once again thankyou for you working together. sincerely Moses

Purchased car » Corolla
Hello Miki,
How are you over there. Its Leonard Akena talking to you. I am over joyed to let you know that I have received my car (Mitsubishi Airtrek) in a very sound condition as advertised on the web site. The car is so comfortable and is almost new. Thanks a lot for your commitments and as a result I have decided to introduce you to my friends and family members and one person (Mr. Anthony Opio, my follower) is already communicating with you about acquiring a Beattle (VW car). I will continue doing business with you especially buying spares for the car since we still have few of this

Purchased car » Airtrek
Dear Junko,
This is to confirm that I received the vehicle safely. I was amazed, to find the car powerful as an African Loin, and as beutiful as a Queen of SHEBA!!! Thank you so much!! Ben Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Purchased car » Landcruiser
Dear Autorec
I wish to thank you for the car. finally I received it, Toyota Townace Noah. It is a very nice car and in very good condition, and the whole family is happy. I will be recommending those would be buyers to buy from Autorec, you are the best and honest. please pass my appreciation to management of AUTOREC. God bless you all OBBY SIMWANZA Kitwe, Zambia

Purchased car » Townacenoah
Dear Yuichi.
I thank you very much for the your kind assistance that has enabled me to purchase this unit TOYOTA HARRIER see the attached photo. this vehicle is in a very good running condition as if it is a brand new car. it is was very well serviced with everything in a very good condition. I commend your company for good services to your customers, as you may recall this was my third vehicle bought from Autorec, I have now again orderd and paid for TOYOTA LANDCRUISER PRADO, with all hope that it will be in a very good condition as usual. I thank you very much again for your cooperat

Purchased car » Harrier
Dear Miki,
Thank you very much for your co-operation. The land cruiser Prado arrived at its final destination last night.I hope we will be in touch in the near future for another order. Thanks to all members of the Autorec company. Alou Lual Juba, South Sudan

Purchased car » Landcruiserprado
Hello Mr, Yuichi Mizuno,
Thank you very much for youre assistance to me that thank you. This is acknowledge receipt of RAV4 REF; 19613A7N3 WIth the above reference in the best condition and i thank you together with all of your team for your magnificent service. Attachment of picture attached. Thanks. Kind regards. Abdul Tanga Tanzania

Purchased car » Rav4
Hey Taki,
Thanks so very much same to you and I would like to confirm that I received my Toyota Voxy in good shape, dent free, it was worth a purchase and I am enjoying the ride. Enjoy the day. Nigel Tamba Ndola, Zambia

Purchased car » Voxy
Dear Shiro,
Yesterday I collected the car and drove it 200km from Dar es salaam to my town. It was a good experience and the car has no problem on road. Thanks for your support. Regards Fidelis

Purchased car » Kluger
Dear Sniro and Junko
Happy new year 2012. I received my car on 31/12/2011 in good order! have a nice day Ekwabi W. T Mujungu

Purchased car » Benz
Dear Mike & Taki
Thanks you guys so much for all that you have done to have my car reach me. I have received my Mitsubishi Pajero IO in Juba yesterday 12 JAN 2012. Once again thank you, Amia South Sudan

Purchased car » Pajeroio
Dear Sir,
I did receive car Ref.# 19600A7N3 Toyota Corona Premio,as arranged with Autorec and I drove the car home myself for about 25 miles. It is in good order as you promised and in running condition. A lot of people are asking about Autorec vehicles. Azwim Goergetown Guyana

Purchased car » Premio
Dear Yuchi
Happy New Year to you and your team. We finally drive out our vehicle today, all clearance has been successful. We will use it for transportation once we compete the registration and licience. Thank you once again for sending the vehicle safely. We will keep in touch on further development in the near future. Thank you Kind Regards Aaron Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Hiace
Good morning! May I take this opportunity to thank you very much for sending me a nice car which arrived safely in Dar es Salaam. Its my pleasure to appreciate your good services and professional skills in reconditioning the assert nicely. Once again thank you for your efforts and good services rendered to me. Mrs. Genoveva Kilabuko

Purchased car » Escudo
Hi, Autorec
I just wanted to confirm that I collected GRAND CHEROKEE from the clearing agent in Gaborone yesterday, 27/12/2011. Thanking you so much for all your effort. I hope to do business with you again in future. Regards, Daniel Muleya Mavu Livingstone, Zambia

Purchased car » Cherokee
Good Afternoon
Happy New Year to you. I just wanted to let you know that I received the black Mitsubishi Pajero. Its beautiful and am loving and enjoying it everyday. Hope to do more business with you. Have a Beautiful Day Chanda Kaunda Kaibele Lusaka,Zambia

Purchased car » Pajeroio
Dear Miki,
Happy new year to you. I want to let you know that Mitsubishi Canter arrived safely to Zambia and thanks to you for your good services. Looking forward to doing business with you again. With Regards Amon Longwani

Purchased car » Canter
Dear Etsuko and Takijiro,
This serves to confirm that I have finally received my car (Toyota Sprinter, DHL WAYBILL NO. 19604T8N3 SPRINTER) in good order. Thank you very much for your services. Thank you Norbert Gandize Kabwe, Zambia

Purchased car » Sprinter
Dear Miki
Hi how are you i hope I found you well. i went to Maputo on Monday to collect the car. Everything went well the car(Nissan March) is perfect i cant complain i drove it from Maputo to Harare thats 1530km. Thank you very much for everything. Regards Julius Murenza Zimbabwe

Purchased car » March
Hallow Mr Yuichi.
How are you doing? Hope every thing is going well. On my side I am ok with all my family.Today,I am very,very happy because after a long wait finally my car from Autorec co is in my hand,I have received my Toyota Spacio XG Edition. The car is real nice,I like it and it is in a very good condition,every thing is ok. I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to you and all members of your company,Autorec Co. Real thanks to you all. Best regards ________________________________ Mr Noel Mbeya Tanzania

Purchased car » Spacio
Dear Sir,
I am happy to testify that AUTOREC sent me an excellent Toyota Vista very timely and in good condition. The car is good and well reconditioned and i am enjoying its service. I trust AUTOREC and this is my third car i bought from you in good condition. Merry Christmas and happy new year 2012. Regards, george Morogoro Tanzania

Purchased car » Vista
Dear Sir,
Good day to you. I hope you and your family are fine and in good health. The purchesed Toyota Caldina has arrived in Honiara and is now on the road. Please allow me to extend my appreciation on the prompt and friendly service that you and your company has displayed in conducting your business with me. Thank you very much and I hope to continue to do business with you as and when I require a vehicle next. I wish you good day and warm regards, Ian Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Caldina
Dear Yuichi,
Thank you for the Suzuki CARRY. It arrived safely and in good order. God Bless you. Here attached is the photo for the same. Kind regards Joseph

Purchased car » Carry
Dear Mr yuichi;
How are you this afternoon?? Hope you’re fine and well. Thank you very much for the unit that you sent. Its bright as new…. Its very clean and beautiful…..Thanks for emailing me the invoice and the bill of landing I found it very quick to proceed on the clearance. thank a lot Mr. yuichi for the time and your effort.. Best autorec….you’re great Regards cheers Chris Honiara Solomon Islands

Purchased car » Hiace
want to say you that i received my car in perfect conditions and with lovely performance. Thank you. Jose Wilson Mozambique

Purchased car » Challenger
Dear Takijiro,
I hope you are fine.The truck has finally arrived and it is in a good condition. I am happy I have a good product and its really good value for my money. Regards, JOHN SIKAZWE Zambia

Purchased car » Canter
Hello Takashi-san
I would like to take this opportunity to thank AUTOREC staff especially you Takashi-san for all the services you have done in providing the vehicle which I have received Tuesday this week, THANK YOU. The vehicle is fantastic the rims and tyres are nice as well as the car stereo and the all vehicle body which looks new. Your engineers work in cleaning the engine bay and the all vehicle body (bottom and inside) is so professional. Also I would like to extend my gratitude to the staff of TTT company especially Tekeeua for their efficient, reliable and professional servi

Purchased car » Bassara
I would like to acknowledge receipt of the car I bought from AUTOREC Japan. It arrived in an immaculate condition and one can even mistake it for a brand new car. Thank you very much for your assistance and flexibility with my payments. AUTOREC is simply the best and each time I would need to buy another car I will look nowhere else. Thank you Mr Yuichi and Mr Shiro and may God bless you. I am now the proud owner of a Japannese vehicle. Thanks a lot once again for your assistance. MOYO (Ref: 19738A3N3) Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Purchased car » Noah
from mosses we were very happy with my family to receive my car from autorec autorec is the company we will recommend in the world, selling very good used vehicle i will use them again soon thanks for the trusted bussiness Mosses Arusha tanzania

Purchased car » Noah
Hi Taki,
Just to inform you that cresta vehicle I purchased with you arrived in good condition and let me thank you because it’s effectively the one I’d chosen. It’s splendid, good holding of the road, nice music and I pass the best of it… Once again thank you to Autorec team for all. Rgds, Couly. D.R.C

Purchased car » Cresta

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