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Impression of the person who bought a Japanese car in us

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Hello Miki
I like to inform you that I receved my Toyota CELICA in DRC safely. Thank a lot for your strong and professional assistance. Yours truly,

Purchased car » Celica
Dear Shiro and Yuka,
Hope you are well. Its a great pleasure to confirm that the car arrived safely with everything as expected... thank you very much and God bless! Hope we do more business in the future and will send pictures soon. Best regards, Wilson.

Purchased car » Legacy
Dear Sir,
From Mr.ISSA HASSAN MSANYA, DODOMA TANZANIA. Thanx very much 4my dreamed car LIATEACE NOAH SR40.I have drive the car from Dar.Port to Dodoma about 500km.without any problem. The car is in good condition,Fuel consuption is good,repair works is done 100%.I salute the AUTOREC is a good dealer of used car. THANX MY GOD BLESS AUTOREC.

Purchased car » Noah
Dear Shiro
This is to inform you that the car arrived as scheduled and it is in excellent condition, thank you. Pauline Makau.

Purchased car » Raum
Dear Shiro and the entire Autorec team,
Wish to confirm that i re,received the entire unit_ pegeaot 206 and was in a very good condition . I had.e enjoyed doing business with you . In the mean time, am looking for a single cab pickup , preferably Mitsubishi L2000 . Please lemme know how yuan assist I remain your a satisfied customer EVANS WAMBAKI MANIA

Purchased car » Peugeot
Dear Mr Yuichi,
My sincere greetings to you today. I hope that you and your family are fine and in good health in Japan today. I am sending this note to confirm to you that the vehicle I ordered from you and your company, has arrived safely and is with me now. My special "thank you" to you, for assisting me to get my vehicle. I would like to register my word of thanks to Mr Shiro and also Ms Yuka for their support and kind help during the process of my order and communication through email. The 1 ton Pick-Up truck that I ordered is really in very good condition. I and my f

Purchased car » Hiace
Greetings Shiro,
Many thanks to you and the entire Autorec staff for the very wonderful job you did on my car. I received the car and its in perfect condition and the interior is very clean too. I am really grateful once again for the timely delivery. Kudos Autorec! Regards, Francis Mbaye

Purchased car » Corollafielder
Hi Shiro
I am very sorry that it took me so long to communicate with you from our previous conversation. I just want to tell you that i received the vehicle in a very good condition. I took it for service, my mechanic told that that engine was actually new and no need of changing the oil. I drove the vehicle from Mombasa to Nairobi very well without any problem. All accesories like wheel spanner, jack were all intact. I will definately recommend potential buyers to you. Keep on doing good job. Thanks very much. Regrads Peter

Purchased car » Corollafielder
Dear sir/Madame
I come at this time to communicate that i already received the vehicle in good conditions and thank you very very much. I hope in the future is of equal. Greetings.

Purchased car » Cresta
Dear Sir,
I wish to inform you that I finally got my vehicle about two weeks ago now. The performance of the vehicle so far is good and I wish to thank Autorec Enterprise for this good product. Although it took long to come due to the problem we encountered, I think it was worthy the wait.

Purchased car » Benzc-class
Dear Yuichi
I hope that you are all fine there at autorec!thank you very much,I have received the vehicle at a very nice condition{Toyota crown Majesta}.It is my hope to do more bussness with you in a very near future.If I get chance to visit Japan seriously I will visit your office.Thank you very for being you.Good day to you all! Aifello Mbeya Tanzania

Purchased car » Crown
Dear Sir,
This is a confirmation to you that the vehicle Toyota VITZ I purchased from you have been arrieved safely in Singida, and the confortable vehicle is now under our custody. Thank you and have a good day. Yours, Philemon Singida Tanzania

Purchased car » Vitz
Hi thanks we got the vehicle though it arrived without other acsseries.iam extremly happy with your service Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone provided by Airtel Zambia

Purchased car » Vitz
Dear Yuich,
I am writing this email to just inform you that I have received my car I bought from you. It is a Toyota Platz. The car is in a very good condition and I wonder if it is real a used car! I realy appreciate all the cooperation I received from you during the buying process. I also thank all members of the company for the good job they are doing to the car business. I promise to recommend those who are interested in buying cars to make order from you. Thank you and have a nice business Sincerely, Consolata Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Purchased car » Platz
Dear Yuka,
I have recieved the vehicle and have driven it for two weeks already. It is in good shape. Thank you very much for your good service. Attached is my picture. Joyce

Purchased car » Opa
Dear Autorec:
We want to thank you, the management and staff of Autorec for trading with us. We finally received our Mitsubshi Pajero IO and are completely satisfied with it. We are happy and satisfied and commend you for your being a reliable company

Purchased car » Pajeroio
Dear Yuka and Shiro
I would like to inform you that i got my vehicle and it is of good quality. I will introduce many of my friends to buy from you. Thank you so much for the good work you are doing. Kind regards Paul

Purchased car » X-trail
Hi bro Shiro
This is To appreciate you in all ways but in particular for efficient and effective manner in which you handled my recent purchase of your Nissan Tiida. I am now proudly driving and enjoying every moment. Keep up the good work. Will be back to you shortly with the order for a Suzuki escudo preferably Salomon version. Good day Sent from my iPad

Purchased car » Tiida
Dear Maiko,
I am pleased to inform you that my vehicle arrived in Bulawayo safely. I am so happy with my new car and I hope to continue to be you customer in future. best regards, Senzeni

Purchased car » X-trail
Hi Shiro and Yuka,
Thanks so much for selling me a good car.May family collcted it as scheduled and now its in Nairobi.The tires were good and everything was in good condition, thanks for ensuring you sell quality. Have a look at the photo. Thanks. Paul Jimbo,

Purchased car » Ist

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