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How to import Japanese Used Vehicles to USA

Are you looking for quality vehicles from Japan?
As long as you stay with us and follow the rules, it is actually a quite simple and easy process.

Import Regulations you should know about

  • Should be 25 years or older
    (Exemption from EPA and DOT standards)
    • Cars 25 years or older do not have to meet both EPA and DOT standards.
      • You must hire Registered Importer (RI) to comply with DOT standards for vehicles newer than 25 years old.
    • Cars 21 years or older do not have to meet EPA standards.
      • You must also hire Independent Commercial Importer (ICI) to comply with EPA standards for vehicles newer than 21 years old.
* For more info, please visit
US Custom: US Customs
EPA: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
DOT: Department of Transportation (DOT)

The Process Step By Step
  1. Find vehicles 25 years or older from the stock list  » Go to see our stocks of 25 years or older

    The price shown is total CIF price up to the port via Ro-Ro vessel. (Duty, tax and port clearance fee should be arranged on your side in US)

    If you would like to request a different port not shown in the list, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to find the best solution for you.

    We, at Autorec, can arrange the shipment to US either by Ro-Ro or Container vessel.

    Ro-Ro: Jacksonville FL, Tacoma WA, Long Beach CA, Freeport TX, Savannah GA, NY etc... (Shipment time is about 2-6 weeks from Japan)

    Container: Seattle WA, LA CA, Houston TX, Savannah GA, etc... (Ex: 20ft container can hold up to 2 mini truck size units and 40ft HQ container can hold up to 6-7 mini truck size units) (Shipment time is about 3-6 weeks from Japan)

  2. Pay for the vehicles by Bank Transfer
  3. After the receipt of your payment in Japan, the shipment will be arranged for up to your discharge port.
  4. As soon as we get BL no. from the shipping company, we will inform you, so that you can file ISF to US custom. (This must be completed at least 24 hours prior to the vessel departure)
  5. We will notify you of the firm shipping schedule once we get it from the shipping company.
  6. All necessary shipping documents will be ready a few days after the vessel departure, and we will arrange the quickest & safest delivery of by DHL.
  7. Once you receive the docs from us, please arrange for port clearance in advance. And keep in mind, to import, you will be required to complete some paper work such as CBP 7501 entry form, DOT form HS-7, EPA form 3520 etc... For more info, please contact US Custom, EPA and DOT. (You can download the forms online)
  8. Port Clearance & Registration

Mini Trucks (Kei Trucks) to USA
Japanese Mini Trucks are very useful, strong, have good fuel economy, very affordable and can hold a lot more than you imagine, so more and more people in US are starting to use them for things such as farming, hunting, camping etc. As you know, in Japan we have to go through very strict inspections periodically, so we can find good quality units easily, even older 25 years old units. They are most likely driven in city or in farms, so they have not been abused at all.

There are Suzuki CARRY, Daihatsu HIJET, Mitsubishi MINI CAB, Honda ACTY, Surabu SAMBAR available.
CARRY is the most known by people, and the price is often more expensive than the others, but the others comparable to the Suzuki CARRY.

For Off Road, 4WD works better. (Of course, 4WD costs more than 2WD)

There is Dump type, and this is great for farming, construction sites etc...

» Go to see our stock of 660cc mini trucks

Because of increasing demand in the US market, the price for 25 years or older trucks are getting more and more expensive these days. However, we check the market every day in order to get the units at the best bottom price for you.

If you want vehicles in bulk, we can obtain more in the market for you, so please feel free to contact us anytime.

Please contact us now. We will help supply you with good quality vehicles in the US.

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I purchased a Nissan Atlas 150 F23 from Autorec. I was nervous about buying a vehicle I had not seen with a wire transfer to a foreign country. In the end, the vehicle was in excellent condition for a 25 year old work vehicle. Autorec did some reconditioning work to improve the truck, …

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Hello Etsuko, This is a DB71 I lifted 6 inches, custom paint and 27 inch tires Kent

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Hello Etsuko, This is my rig just after loading at Savannah port. These were the latest shipment from you.. Kent

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Hello Etsuko, Modified truck on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Atlantic Ocean Kent

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