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Welcome to Zimbabwe's country page.

Importing Japanese cars to Zimbabwe. There is no age restriction and nor road worthiness inspection required to Zimbabwe!

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Inland Transportation Fee for Beitbridge

News:It is now cheaper and easier to get your car delivered inland! Up to US$300 off Inland Delivery Fees!
CityBody TypeFee
BeitbridgeSedan, Coupe, CompactUS$1,350 → US$1,050
SUV, CoachUS$1,450 → US$1,150
Vans (M3 : 13 under)US$1,350 → US$1,050
Vans (M3 : 13 over)US$1,450 → US$1,150
Truck, Bus (M3 : 25 under)US$2,000

* Of course, if you would like to receive the car at Durban/Dar es Salaam port by yourself, you can receive the car at Durban/Dar es Salaam.

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Japanese Car Import Rules and Regulations - Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one of the more lax countries when dealing with used car importation. There are very few restrictions that you need to keep in mind, but the taxes are quite complicated. Aside from the fact that importation to Zimbabwe is restricted to cars with the steering column on the right hand side (as of October 31st, 2011), there are no other restrictions you need to worry about right now. There is no age restriction, nor is there a road worthiness inspection. However, with the savings you make on road worthiness inspection, you may run into some tax issues, as the taxes and duties may be a little pricy in Zimbabwe.

All normal passenger vehicles are charged a 40% import duty on the CIF price, along with a 25% surtax on the CIF price if it is older than 5 years old. And a VAT of 15% is applied to the subtotal from the CIF, import duty, and surtax. So the total tax is about 90% of the the CIF value for cars that are 5 years or older.

Cheat Sheet:
Age Regulations: None
Road Worthiness inspection: Not Required

Car import Tax for Zimbabwe

Import Duty:
Bus Passenger 10 - 14: 60% of CIF
Bus Passenger 15 - 19: 15% of CIF
Bus Passenger 20 - 25: 25% of CIF
Bus Passenger 26 over: 0% of CIF
Truck Load capacity 0.8ton under: 25% of CIF
Truck Load capacity 0.8 - 1.4ton: 20% of CIF
Truck Load capacity 1.4 - 5.0ton: 40% of CIF
Truck Load capacity 5.0ton over: 10% of CIF
Other cars : 40% of CIF

Used cars aged 5 years and older: 25% of CIF
Other cars: 0% of CIF

15% of CIF + Surtax + Import Duty

Zimbabwe Car Import Tax Calculator

Ref No
Estimated Import DutyUS$
Estimated SurtaxUS$
Estimated VATUS$
Total Estimated TaxesUS$
* This calculator is for tax estimation purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the estimate will match the exact amount you are required to pay to the ZIMRA.

If you have any questions regarding import regulations and taxes in Zimbabwe, please contact the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.

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My daughter is celebrating the arrival of Hino Dutro from Autorec ,The buying process went well and Maiko facilitated the whole process. I strongly appreciate Autorec Thank you.

Purchased car » DUTRO

Hi Miki Have finally got delivery of my Estima on 10th February 2016 and have just completed the registration procedures today 2nd Mar 2016.Have been testing the car so far and I am glad to report that the car is performing very well. Thanks. Hopefully we will deal again in in futre. M…

Purchased car » TOYOTA ESTIMA

hie maiko how are you this morning.i would like to inform you that i did receive the bmw in good shape.its so immaculate and my wife indeed likes it very much,i bought it for was nice doing business with you. next time i will buy from you guys again, thanks

Purchased car » BMW 3 SERIES

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