Backup cameras are evolving

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Modern technology is all around us. It’s in our homes, our places of work, our society and in our vehicles. There can be up to 25 sensors in modern vehicles which help the driver remain safe on the roads. However, some vehicles may not have all of the up-to-date features. Take for example the backup camera.

Backup cameras can assist the driver with getting into those tight spaces such as parallel parking, backing into a driveway or backing into a parking stall. There are large blind areas around our vehicle, especially at the rear, which make it difficult to maneuver in small spaces. The backup camera, when used correctly, can make that difficult task so much easier.


Using your mirrors or looking out the rear window to back up toward another vehicle or small object, like a parking barrier or bumper of another vehicle, essentially seems like it’s mostly guesswork. Knowing when to stop can come from experience or just the luck of the draw since you can’t see directly behind your vehicle. Looking out the rear window while reserving is still a good idea. It helps the driver get a good perspective of what they’re approaching through their peripheral or fringe vision. However, using a backup camera when you know you’re getting close to that object can let you know when you’re close enough to stop. It can save those little fender-benders which can be quite annoying and costly to many drivers.

Backup cameras have improved a lot since they first came onto the market. Instead of having just a view straight out the back of the vehicle, they now have a wider scope to allow drivers to see more from the sides. This helps the driver get a better perspective of what they are approaching while reversing.

Since using backup cameras can be to the driver’s advantage, what can you do if your vehicle doesn’t come equipped with its’ own backup camera? It is suggested you install an aftermarket backup camera which can work just as well, and in some cases, better than factory installed cameras. But let’s think outside the box now. What if you have a backup camera for your trailer?

Would that make backing up your trailer, boat or camper easier and safer? You can now find those cameras too. Wireless backup cameras are available which makes installation easier than ever, especially on trailers. When used correctly, backup cameras can give the driver an extra set of eyes at the rear of their vehicle. This is especially true when backing up a trailer alone.

Is a backup camera worth using and the expense of installing? In my opinion they absolutely are. Try using a backup camera system. It’s time to embrace modern technology and take advantage of what’s available.


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